Unfortunately, no usable photos of the instrument are available.Then by 1895, astronomer George Hale pulled together the funding and resources to build a larger one. The 40 inch, 60 foot long Yerkes refractor at the University of Chicago.In 1616, just seven years after Galileo built his first refractor, Niccolo Zucchi attempted to build a reflecting telescope using a metal reflector. He found it impractical.

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The resulting outcome is the cherished ideas which are the currency that offers new meaning for developing an enrichment of life. The greatest rewards of all are the sense of fulfillment, happiness and inner satisfaction that come as the natural by products of the creative pursuit. The full spectrum of creative artists in varying mediums knows this about themselves.

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Ships large enough to contain metal refineries and mineral processors would be a combination of terrestrial industry and space technology and are within the realm of possibility by the time a moon base is established. Being able to “capture” asteroids or meteors or comets so they can be mined is theoretically possibly, according to some experts. They expect it to be a common practice sometime in the new century.

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