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Course Overview
This course provides students with a detailed introduction to the field of Western Islamic academia. It engages with orientalist methodologies and critiques of Quranic and Hadith studies. It traces and critically analyses the evolution of these methods and theories, and provides a response from both a modern and traditional Islamic perspective. The course begins with unveiling European perceptions of Islam during the Christian, renaissance and enlightenment eras and how these perceptions informed their theories and understandings of Islam.
This course particularly focuses on Quranic and Hadith studies and critically analyses the theories of prominent western Islamic studies specialists, such as Josepsh Schacht and Ignác Goldziher.



Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:
demonstrate familiarity with the field of Western Islamic academia and prominent proponents
understand the popular orientalist discourses on Quranic and Hadith studies
critique orientalist theoretical models on the Quran and Hadith


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    Interesting topic

    A must watch for those who are interested in non Muslim scholars approach to the study of islam

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    I find the info in this course extremely useful!

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